The developers Team of Elven Land project announces the beginning of the Reform of Elven Land Media. What does it mean? Let’s go into some details.


So, as you know, Elven Land project owns 5 websites – Elvenland.com , Elvenlander.com , Levelnaut.com , Elvenchest.com and News2412.com

Elvenland.com website is the main website of Elven Land online blockchain state. It will be changed only in accordance to the Road Map of the whole project. As you know, there will be issued 26 six cryptocurrencies on the Elven Land stage and then 26 cryptocurrencies on Levelnaut stage. Also we have Elvenchest stage, but meanwhile no information about this stage hasn’t been shared yet. So, ElvenLand website will be changed only to the Road Map of the whole project and to the common plan of the development.

Let’s go on. As we meanwhile don’t speak about ElvenChest, we will share the information about the reform of Elvenlander.com , Levelnaut.com and News2412.com websites.

All these three websites will be changed into NEWS platforms, based on Gazette theme design of WordPress.


There will be the following new categories which the mentioned websites will be specialized with.

ElvenLander – News (Elven Land Company news), Projects (Elven Land Project news), People (Elven Land people and interviews), Other (Other Elven Land news).

Levelnaut – News (Levelnaut news), LifeHacks , Online Education , Self-Development, Other (Other Levelnaut news).

News2412 – Space, Technology, Medicine, Society and Crypto news.


How all previously mentioned websites will earn?

ElvenLander – Advertising, Crypto Arbitrage and affiliation in educational programs by CPA platforms, Other methods

Levelnaut – Advertising, Education Arbitrage and affiliation in educational programs by CPA platforms, Other methods

News2412 – Advertising, Any Arbitrage and affiliation in educational programs by CPA platforms, Other methods


Who will ne the writers and how will they earn?

Any ElvenLander can be the mentioned above website website, who is ready to follow the Elven Land writers agreement. We will produce it soon, but anyone can take in preliminary discussion of it.

All the payments will be made in ElvenLand cryptocurrencies (PONTO, TASKO, LERTA and other coins) which could be easily possible to exchange into Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB crypto or even into fiat (in equivalent).


Which demands will be mentioned in the Agreement? Proofs, Length, Quality and other aspects will be worked out and published. But in short or to begin with, we can talk about the 1000 (not more characters) rewrite of official sources (with mentioning them at the end) and official pictures anв photos (with mentioning their sources too) or our own each category designed picture.

This information can be discussed in official Elven Land groups and chats.

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